We Create Knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is the new human frontier in the current Information Technology space. The Story has begun in 1950, Mind Magazine, Volume 59, edition nr 59 with the article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" published by Sir Alan Turing. WWII had just ended, and the Cold War was, and the Cold War was intensifying. Alan has described the principles of the "Imitation Game".

"The Artificial Intelligence was born."

At the same time, in the United States, the "Tech Model Railroad Club" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Building 26, took the first steps to build the ARRC (Automatic Railroad Running Computer). It was 1950 when the TMRC had connected a 3 Million dollar IBM 704 to manage and switch rails and trains in their Club.

70 years later, ASC27 was born to continue the Story that so high-standing people have initiated before us.

"The Hacking culture was born."

ASC27, it's an Italian Innovative Startup that is challenging in two significant areas of Information Technology: Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity. Despite the fact the company is innovative and it's bringing into the market brand new ground-breaking software and ideas, we are structured to work and cooperate with large enterprises and governments in the fields that the company operates.

Company Profile

We collaborate with our customers to bring them Value, maximize their incomes, protect them from known and unknown threats, face the issues together to overcome them.

The ASC27 Motto is "WCK - We Create Knowledge." Sometimes, we create Knowledge using AI techniques, bringing them in the CyberSec and create unique and very efficient solutions. Sometimes, here at ASC27, we create Knowledge using CyberSec/Hacking principles and applying them to software development, we create brand new and innovative AI-based solutions.

In every way we do that, our mission at ASC27 is to Create Knowledge for our customers, using all the skills we have.

About us. About passionate people that face customer issues as Team issues. Excellence by design. Accuracy as a requirement. Security in mind.

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