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The ASC(27) Cyber Security team is dedicated to the research of new and alternative ways to protect and defend your cyber space. We do not leverage on generally available software, as the ones used by many companies, to overly scare their prospective customers. We build CyberSec Knowledge in our products and in our solutions, for vertical and specific purposes. Security is not something superfluous, bought just to avoid a sleepless night: we aim to produce tools and software that bring real Security. Our Cyber Security solutions usually have an AI brain and a Titanium heart. Cyber Security is intangible, but it is the condition that will allow you to feel peace of mind when you backup your database.

Authentication Factor
has moved to the Next Level.

Authentication Factor has moved to the Next Level. The most secure Authentication mechanism you could ever imagine, now exists.

Advanced Copyright

Manage the security of your most valuable information using an AI for data loss prevention.

Robot Spider

An intelligent internet spider that is able to use Artificial Intelligence to penetrate behind the enemy lines to protect Copyright Rights and people information.

Firmware Security

Using AI BlackBox Inspector, humans can focus only on the devices that need their attention.