A brand new way to reconstruct an accident’s dynamics with a unique union of Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Metrology360 allows you to catch all the necessary details with one single shot at an efficient, fast, and precise detail level. Just find the crash scene and take a picture at 360°, thanks to a sophisticated and innovative lens. Don’t miss out on anything about a car crash and analyze the dynamics wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the VR application. The information collected by Metrology360 is safe, without a risk of alteration, and without any doubt about the real circumstances. All the data collected are legal proof e certified by an official digital signature. Working even in adverse weather situations, Metrology360 is your new reliable colleague able to catch and elaborate real images and measurements thanks to AI Technology. The VR Application allows you to analyze all the measurements in retrospect with a 3D reconstruction whenever is needed with a complete photographic reconstruction of the entire road accident, whatever was the weather condition.

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