We increase the knowledge.
Every second.

The ASC(27) AI team is always seeking and testing new techniques and strategies to solve common and uncommon problems. Thanks to our expertise and our AI components, our algorithms are able to face a huge variety of tasks in Deep-Learning and Machine-Learning areas. The Artificial Intelligence is the tangible possession of a vertical and specialized brain from a piece of software. We lead the AI innovation process in the Cognitive Intelligence and Analytic fields.

Cognitive Intelligence at scale.

AI-Fueled analytic video platform. Cognitive content extraction, deep-learning feature classification and more. Processing videos like a boss, a Human-Boss. The video processing software has never been so human.

Social distancing
made easy at scale.

AI-Powered system for empowering the crowds controlling in Covid-19 times. Easy, realable and fast management of crowd-control resources for large environments.

AI-Fueled prediction platform.

Whatever you are analyzing, wherever your data come from, Mystic will be able to forecast the future of your business processes, simulate the "What-If" functions and bring your eyes to a future look. So, let's binge to the future with Mystic.

Look in the Sky

Having thousands of people mind to train an Artificial Intelligence in solving their specific needs.

Robot Writers

An Artificial Intelligence Super-charged Editor that is able to collaborate with a whole editorial staff to increase the Magazine impact on the audience.